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The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band returns....
In 1980 just three days after he left Witchfynde, Andro Coulton together with his future wife Shaz formed Malleus.

Over the next 2 years the band went through several line-up changes but despite this they managed to play a considerable amount of gigs around the UK.

The band officially split up in 1983, however not long after this split in early 1984  Andro and Shaz went into the studio to record Malleus tracks. Only Andro and Shaz were on the recordings and until 2016 these recordings which are a 'lost' chapter of New Wave of British Heavy Metal have never been released.

The appetite from NWOBHM fans around the world for the release of these tracks and the renaissance of interest in both NWOBHM and Malleus had prompted Andro and Shaz to consider a return to the stage as Malleus.  

The final confirmation that this was the right thing to do was the arrival of a new drummer to the couples band ZXY.
​This band formed in 2009 released the highly successful album Evolvalution in 2013 and has played many high profile gigs whilst touring throughout the UK. Unfortunately drummers came and went and then in mid 2015 Brian Buckberry took up duties behind the kit. ZXY had always incorporated ideas from the Malleus era into the live show but with Brian it was different. Andro and Shaz found that he was  so in tune with the 
Malleus songs they were able to make the decision that fans had long been hoping for.

In 2016 it was decided that Malleus should return.

​Things have moved quickly and Malleus have been booked by many promoters and venues, so with these gigs and studio time booked NWOBHM fans can finally see Malleus live again and will soon be able to add Malleus to their album collection.

In the meantime the 1984 recordings have surfaced on the first official Mallues release the 3 track EP White Noise which is available through Vyper Records from Monday 25th April 2016.

32 years may have passed but the band that NWOBHM lost have returned in 2016....