Hailing from Stafford, England, Gee Harliquin has been playing Heavy Metal Guitar for over 20 years and is influenced by Bands & Artists such as: Witchfynde, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Randy Rhoads, Disarm Goliath, Deep Machine, Soldier, Saxon, Motorhead etc.!

Gee formed his 1st band Dearg Due in 1994 With the line up consisting of Gee on Vocals, Chris on Bass, Damon on lead guitar, Dave on rhythm guitar, Rich (The Long 'aired Freak) on Drums and Martyn on Keyboards & percussion!

Gee has also been in and formed a number of bands (Terra Night Sky, Arcane Lore, Nushed Kruts and Marotte)

Gee also appeared on ITV's The X Factor and the sister show The Xtra Factor in 2006.

Gee has played live at a number of gigs and open mic nights over the years, most noticeably a few gigs for the Midlands Metalheads in 2012/13 and Headlining the Peacock Music Festival in Peterborough in 2014 with his band Marotte, and earlier this year, a support slot for Andro Coulton's ZXY (Ex-Witchfynde) at B2's in Norwich

In 2013 Gee won Cherry Tree Recording Studio's Unsigned in the East competition which earned him a spot on the Unsigned in the East compilation album which was released the following year.

In 2010 Gee attended Stafford College and gained his HND in Music Production and has spent the past 4 years honing his skills as a Producer!

In 2014 Gee signed to Vyper Records and is working hard towards his 1st release!

Gee's goal is to become a fully professional musician and producer and to entertain the world with his own personal take on the Classic Heavy Metal Genre and to rock the word into another orbit!

Now Or Never - Gee Harliquin 

£8 + P&P

1. Bobber Chop
3. Fordidden
4. Unstable
5. Night Stalker
6. I Am I'm Me
7. Now or Never
9. Death Awaits (No Man)
10. I Must Have Faith (In Me)
11. Backstabber
12. The Multiples Of Me

Gee Harliquin on the road...

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