Andro Coulton's ZXY


ZXY are -

Shaz Coulton -  Rhythm Guitar

Andro Coulton - Octave Lead Bass Guitar & Vocals

Brian Buckberry - Drums

Andro Coulton was originally bass guitarist with the legendary NWOBHM band Witchfynde from 1975 – 1980.  Witchfynde have influenced bands such as:- Metallica and Bauhaus. Witchfynde not only toured with Def Leppard on their first UK headlining tour but also played with Thin Lizzy, Girlschool, Saxon and Iron Maiden to name but a few. 

During this time the band recorded their first album Give’em Hell with Andro on bass and backing vocals, the album was No1 in the UK music weekly Sounds independent chart for many weeks and the CD re-release of this album was voted no 25 in the best re-released albums of 2005 by Classic Rock magazine in the UK. 

Andro was also bass guitarist on three tracks of Witchfynde’s second album Stagefright before leaving the band. 

His next projects after Witchfynde were as leader of the early 80’s bands Malleus and Sabotage where he teamed up with his future wife Shaz.

The idea for the band was conceived in 2010 as a vehicle to continue the song writing talents of Shaz and Andro Coulton after their previous band Prophets For The Damned unfortunately came to an end with guitarist Nick Higgins and Drummer Kirsty Coulton leaving the band because of college commitments. 

This has now culminated in the recording and release of the album Evolvalution. 

The album was recorded in the same not overly produced way that bands such as early Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Pink Fairies, Grand Funk Railroad etc, used so that it has a raw live energetic sound.


Evovalution - Andro Coulton's ZXY

 £10.99 + P&P 

1. Anthem For The Damned
2. Salem Genocide
3. Dark Dreams
4. The Archimage
5. Priestess Of Hell
6. Hells Fire
7. White Noise
8. Sisters Of Fate
9. Vixen Of The Night

Andro Coulton's ZXY on the road

ZXY in the press

“Take a thrilling trip back in time as you hear the superb Rock music on the CD, “Evolvalution,” by the group ZXY. This album is truly reminiscent of the’70’s and has all the right moves and grooves. Each track gives the listener a feel of the dark and edgier side of Rock music and so does the titles. The lyrics are riveting as they relate to everyday issues in life. The opener, “Anthem For the Damned,” blisters with searing vocals and guitars. “Dark Dreams,” is a song featuring gripping vocals and razor sharp guitars while emanating a dark and mysterious tonality. The track, “Peace,” is screaming with Rock attitude as this tight knit group dishes out a rocking beat that is totally spellbinding. Fans of the band Black Sabbath, will definitely appreciate the stirring Rock songs on the excellent album, “Evolvalution.””

Diane and the Reviewer Team, Radio Indy

“Whoa, space rock lives! Heavy duty hippy madness albeit with no flowers in your hair but that last particle of acid exploding in your head, ZXY is the trio created by non other than Witchfynde's ex bassist Andro Coulton! No occult props needed here though, this is dark early 70s madness, bass driven by Coulton's fuzz toned octave bass, fuzz toned guitar by Shaz and the faithful Dr Rhythm on drums. All prothis is how bands like Sabbath, Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies cranked out their demented classics amidst their smog haze and LSD madness - so it's easy to see why Geezer Butler ranks as one of ZXY's supporters cos maaan, this is deep LOL! Vocally, Andro's style is fairly straight (unlike Ozzy's demented wailing) and it works cos tracks like 'Mystic Magic - Priestess Of Hell', 'White Noise' and 'Dark Dreams' have that true English 70s sound that not even Iommi & co produce today. Coming to a galaxy near you in time for the next nova”

Shan Siva -